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Welcome dear reader!

My name is Julien Husser. I do many things, including developing software, investing, writing and drinking way too much tea. I am 35 and currently live in Zürich, Switzerland, with my wife and my son.

This website is a collection of my favorite topics:

  • Investing - How and where to allocate capital.
  • Psychology - Why do we do the things we do, even if they don’t make sense.
  • Rationality - I try to be a little bit less stupid everyday. It works better than trying to be brilliant.

I created From Fool To Wise as an excuse to practice my writing skills, and to clarify my mind. I believe that writing is the ultimate tool to make sure i understand a topic. When I think about something, it is easy to get carried away and to forget a link between two arguments. This cannot happen when I write. Laying my ideas on paper allows me to see where the cracks in my reasoning are.

In addition to my essays, I also maintain a list of all the interesting links and concepts that have been consequential to shape my thinking.

Finally, through this website I hope to reach like-minded people so we can generate even more ideas. I am looking forward to discussing with you!

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Father, Husband, Investor, Software Developer, and Tea Enthusiast.